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Goblin Town

Goblin Town is a way for you, the true believers and minions of our Dark Mistress, to be a part of all the shenaniganry that makes DreaD Korp so Twistedly Delightful and Casually Threatening.  Members of Goblin Town are affectionately known as "Goblins".   Subscribing to Goblin Town and becoming a Goblin has many perks, such as...


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  • Access to the Goblin Community on Discord.  Goblins can adopt characters, wrangle for pins, and more!

Image by Alena Jarrett

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  • All the latest news, and first views of all the latest DreaD masterpieces.  

Image by rivage

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  • Immediate immunity from all Goblin Curses!  (Please note:  DreaD Korp in no way suggests or provides any protection from Mummy-, Witch-, Werewolf- or Fairy-initiated curses. Please live responsibly.)

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